Meet Abby, this 10 yr old sweet heart became a BAGS rescue in September 2017 when her family who had once saved her from a shelter separated. With both financial and family stresses, Abby's care just wasn't a priority. The local vet clinic which had cared for her was assisting the family with food and had started her on antibiotics for both skin and ear infections. Fortunately, the family decided that Abby would get the continued care she needed by going into rescue and BAGS was contacted to assist.  It's been a couple months and Abby is taking each day in stride. She is re-learning house breaking and her skin and ear infections are nearly under control. Her foster mom has nothing but great things to say about her and insists Abby has found her forever family.

Abby is living in Ohio with her basset friends and foster mom Tami Carmer.

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