Jack was welcomed into BAGS December 15th 2016. At 14 yrs old, Jack was the victim of a divorce which left him homeless and looking for a new family. Upon his arrival it was obvious he missed his home, but started to adjust and enjoyed all the new attention.

Everyone who has met Jack has said he is such a joy to be around. A nice guy who enjoys his walks and resting on his special place on the couch. Jack's vet report showed remarkably great health for a 14 yr old. Prior to his arrival, he had a benign mass removed from his head and was on antibiotics for chronic ear infections. His senior blood work came back great. We hope Jack has many more years to enjoy love and companionship!

Although we feel Jack is adoptable, at 14 yrs old we would like for Jack to know he is home and to not to have to move again. He is living in a permanent foster home in Michigan. 

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