Lily is approximately 1 yr old. She was surrendered to the shelter by her family because they said she had food and toy aggression issues with their other dogs. She has been in BAGS care for just under a week and has been playing in doggie daycare each day with many other dogs all different sizes and hasn't had issues with any of them. There are plenty of toys in the area that she and the other dogs play with and there haven't been any problems. Food aggression issues with other dogs can easily be avoided by feeding them in their separate areas or while crated, we don't see this as a behavior problem since it's very common with the basset breed.

At 1 yr old it sounds like Lily's real issues were environmental and lack of training. She is said to be house broken and crate trained, but was trusted out alone in her home when her family wasn't around. Since she has just come into our care and is completing her vetting she hasn't been evaluated in a home. This little girl is a real sweet heart and will happily roll over for a belly rub. Due to her history we are seeking a home where she is the only dog or with an experienced handler who has the time and patience to work with her. Lily will make someone a very loving companion.

Lily is being fostered in the Pittsburgh PA area.

Adoption Pending