Archie & Penny


Meet Archie & Penny!

Bonded senior couple, Penelope (Penny) & Archie were welcomed into BAGS in September from our friends at Belly Rubs Basset Rescue.They made the journey all the way from Eastern Tennessee to a permanent foster in Central Ohio.
It hasn't been easy for these two. Archie was relinquished because his Dad suffered from Alzheimer's and had to go into an assisted care facility. Penny was rescued from a shelter after it took the dog warden 4 months to catch her in a live trap. She was either traumatized by something that has happened in her past or has never had human socialization. When Penny first arrived she would not make eye contact with you, move to walk on a leash, nor eat or drink food in front of you. She seemed most comfortable with her pal Archie who she had bonded with during her stay in a foster home. Unfortunately due to the foster care taker's health issues, they had to be placed into boarding. Belly Rubs was desperately looking to find them a home together, but with Penny's needs it was proving to be a challenge. Bonded seniors are tough to place, but when you add Penny's socialization issues she was truly special needs.

Penny & Archie both have some health issues, Penny has passed a bladder stone and is currently being treated for a UTI and an irritated cherry eye. She has already had one cherry eye surgery and may require another one, but for now she has artificial tear drops that she takes twice a day. An X-ray showed she doesn't have other stones so for now she should be okay once the infection clears. Archie has had a number of tests and blood work to try to understand why he drinks gallons of water a day. His water intake is more than that of a dog 3-4x larger than him. He has been tested for diabetes, urinary tract issues, renal failure and Cushings and is negative for all of them. It is still inconclusive so we are hoping it might just behavioral. Other than some other older dog issues, they both seem fairly healthy.

It's been two months and they have adjusted well. Archie is very easy going, loves to talk, demands attention and constantly wants to be touching you. Penny has improved a lot. She will eat and drink in front of you and will slowly take a treat from your hand. She still refuses to take even a step on a leash, but initiates playtime with the other dogs and barks chasing them through the yard. Penny loves to sit with you on the couch and will slightly nudge you for a taste of her favorite treat (ice cream). We are amazed at far she has come and hope she continues to grow. BAGS is happy that we were able to keep these two together and we know that they enjoy each other's company. Penny looks for Archie and when she feels nervous she always runs to him. Archie gently licks her head and will cuddle with her if he isn't trying to get on your lap. They truly are very special.

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