CJ is the baby, and the biggest and the longest! CJ turns 3 on May 20th. He has a defect in both front legs so severe that surgery cannot help. He is actually missing bone in both, and the ortho specialist confirmed it cannot be repaired, but we can work hard to keep him mobile and less arthritic. CJ has always done a lot of water therapy and taken a lot of joint supplements to keep his legs from becoming severely arthritic at an early age. I think something is working. CJ is the basset to demonstrate to anyone who asks the question, "How can Basset Hounds counter surf, they have such short legs!" CJ, sometimes lovingly referred to as "the red monster" has a master’s degree in counter surfing. He loves to be the first to taste test their chicken and rice, and not from his bowl. He can take the lid off the crock pot. Much to his dismay, I have rearranged where the crock pot sits. His specialty is cheese, and scoring with the loaf of Velveeta for their pills is great fun! I guess the calcium is good for his legs! If you are missing something, edible or not, hurry and run to the bedroom and look on the dog's twin mattress on the floor, and you are likely to find CJ with what you are missing. He is a gentle and shy giant, and we are going to keep him swimming and stretching so he feels good for a very, very long time!


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