Adoption Application


Flash was inherited in May 2014 by a family who could not keep him.  He was purchased from a puppy mill at 6 weeks old as a Christmas present for their son. Flash lived his life from 6 weeks to 6 years in a kennel only being let out to go potty or to play for brief periods of time.  After their son went to college the family moved to the country and Flash and 6 other dogs lived outside in Nashville, TN. Flash is a very social dog and loves people, so he passed time barking out of boredom and seeking attention. Before he was inherited, he was headed to the pound because they could no longer deal with his barking.

Flash is now 10 years old and will charm you with his personality. He is a friend to all from young to old. Flash lives with other bassets, but might be happiest to be the only dog and not have to share his humans. Flash needs a home where he has very little alone time and is not crated. His younger years were mostly spent in a crate, and he gets very anxious. He is not crated in his foster home. Flash has a wonderful basset bark and is very talkative. He is my shadow, never more than 1 step behind me. His favorite part of the day is when it's time to eat!  Flash is very loyal and wants to be involved in your entire day. An above ground fenced yard is required for Flash's safety. He is strong and fast. Flash is neutered, on heart worm preventative, and current with all vaccines.