Odie, the one who always has the "I didn't do it look" even if there is the cheese bag stuck to his lip, or the toilet paper is shredded everywhere and he's napping, but if you look in between his teeth, he forgot to floss the shreds out! He's still young, age 3 and keeps us laughing. He thinks he weighs 5 pounds instead of 75 and is the biggest snuggle bug who loves to be loved. He doesn't move all night, probably because he is so exhausted from his antics all day. Odie has a heart murmur, which luckily has not gotten worse in the last year, colitis, and insepidus diabetes, which we are controlling everything with maintenance medications and supplements. With all the seniors at BAGS, it does us all good to have a few younger ones. He has a couple of best friends here, who are CJ and Mr. Edward. These 3 musketeers are often referred to as the "red and white gang." Watching them play and wrestle outside keeps the seniors a little younger too. If you are outside, you will be included in their tag game, whether you want to or not. The seniors bassets have learned that barking on the sidelines or behind a tree counts as playing with them, but ensure you won't be log rolled down the hill.


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