Miss Pippi! The Pipster turns 5 in June. Pippi's mom was a pure bred basset hound. I'm not quite sure what Pippi is mixed with, maybe tazmanian devil, but the poor girl has multiple personalities, and a few not so fun! A sanctuary atmosphere is the only way Pippi can be herself. Pippi takes medications for her mood swings. I have to watch her body language and if she is leaning toward "not nice Pippi", it's important to get her to her own space until her meltdown has subsided. Her best friend Chase is a basset hound who is owned by friends. Chase comes often for play dates and when his family goes on vacation. Pippi always kisses him when he arrives and when he gets on her nerves she hides in the basement for a while. Chase goes to Dr. Buck also, and when they said Pippi is his best friend, Dr. Buck said, wow, Pippi doesn't have many friends! The dogs and people never know what mood Pippi will be in each day. We continue to love her and make her life happy and respect her moods, and really enjoy her happy moods! She is very loyal to Gary and I, doesn't do well when strangers arrive, often barking and shaking, and has become ill. Pippi is a handful, but we are happy she is our handful!


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