Meet Roscoe!

Roscoe found his way to BAGS in May of this year, when he was a stray that was never claimed. He is figured to be 10-12 years old. This guy has eyes that go right to your heart and soul. He becomes very attached quite quickly, and has total trust in foster mommy, Tami Carmer. Quite possibly, his visit to the vet was a first for him. He had several leaking masses, including one on his backside that caused great concern. Roscoe had surgery to neuter, remove masses, remove a very loose tooth, and clean and polish the rest of his pearly whites.

A few days into his recovery, Roscoe's incision on his back side started bleeding.... ALOT!. Possibly ripping open a stitch, Tami and Roscoe, along with a friend, made an emergency trip to the vet. He soaked bath towels on the way! A closer look by the vet, his stitches were all intact. Surgery was needed to find and stop the bleed. This is a very vascular area, and with a little scooting or rubbing, a vein had ruptured and caused the problem. Roscoe was able to return home after waking up, but had to keep his behind cushioned. He was still adorable in diapers.

Our boy made a nice recovery and in a couple weeks was able to have all sutures removed and feel like a new man. He learned what a treat was, and it didn't take long because every hound knows treats are so yummy. Yes, he had no idea what he was being handed to him. A couch? How do you get on this comfortable thing, and I am really allowed to be warm and cozy and loved? Being petted, ears scratched, belly rubs, attention?

Life has become happy and amazing for Roscoe. He shares his foster home with several hounds who have helped him learn that we go outside to potty! He is a fast learner. Just when we felt we knew that Roscoe could go up for adoption, and we knew enough about his needs and wishes, he wasn't feeling well. Roscoe went to the vet and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. He was given medications, and able to go home as long as he would start drinking and eating a little. The next morning, he still had no interest in anything and was feeling poorly. Roscoe was admitted to the clinic for IV therapy for 3 days until he felt like Roscoe again. Knock on wood, Roscoe has been feeling great.

We hope to soon find Roscoe his forever home. Because Roscoe becomes very concerned if he isn't near his mommy, she was considering making her home his forever home. Roscoe just might need his own human than he doesn't have to share with another pet. If so, we will make certain his transition works for Roscoe and he always feels loved and never lonely again. It's Trick or Treat time. Roscoe knows there are no more tricks in his golden years, only treats!

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